ibs Reporting


The day-to-day work consists in keying detailed data in the system. For strategic purpose, the managers need to consolidate the data and use information. Then, they will be able to take the right decision, to establish some management strategies thanks to the information they analyzed.

As there are as many possible consolidations, strategic visions, indicators as there are some retailers and / or manager, ibs Reporting permits an administrator to build reports and publish them thanks to different mean of communication.

“Build reports and publish them to the right place”


ibs Reporting permits to build reports retrieving information from the entire Suite in two different way:

  • An administrator user with no technical background to build his own reports, based on Soft Solutions' Business Model.
  • An administrator user with a technical profile to build complex reports, using pre - consolidation procedures and queries written in SQL.

ibs Reporting will merge all the data in the different application to provide consolidated information, presented in tables, with grouping, subtotals, totals functions or in different graphs.

Once the reports are built, they can be published in different manners:

  • In the applications: the reports can be linked to any Suite application page, taking a selection from the application as an entry parameter
  • In the ibs Dashboard: The reports can be linked to the "Indicator" portlet of the dashboard, to be displayed directly whenever the user opens the Suite with his user. Here, the user will benefit from dynamic functions, such as the chart zooming on a value.
  • Generated in html, excel, word, pdf formats on the user machine
  • Sent by mail or through an info Dashboard alert or to do in html, excel, word, pdf formats to any user thanks to ibs Workflow.
  • Generated in html, excel, word, pdf formats and then stored in a shared folder on the server for mutli-user access.

The reports can also be locked in term of security at two levels:

  • Access to the report or not
  • Filter the displayed information depending on the user's authorization in ibs System


The ibs Reporting presents the main following features:

  • Build a query
    Build a query based on the ibs Soft Solutions' Business Model or in SQL.
  • Build a report
    Organize the query results into a report, in tables, graphs.
  • Publish the report
    Apply the security to the report and send him to the right recipient thanks to ibs Dashboard or ibsWorkflow.

ibs Reporting will permit an administrator, whatever his technical profile, to build reports based on all the Suite information and then publish it to the right place.