ibs Referential


ibs Referential can be viewed as the core of the information management system for a retailer. Based on MIM models and their ability to manage retail specific information, ibs Referential gives keys to users to define, manage and update their information with a dedicated solution.

In addition to base information (items, suppliers, hierarchies…), ibs Referential allows a complete definition of the retailer organization and processes to map the existing structure and ensure the right communication of information. (Hierarchies and Retailer organization).

ibs Referential also manages dynamic definition of statuses for any kind of information and automated escalation (for example an item turning inactive automatically when no known supplier can deliver it) to reflect business process of the retailer and ensure to have up-to-date information across the company.


ibs Referential is a unique solution to control information of the whole Information Systems. In particular it allows integrating communication and business processes by configuring the right organization and statuses.

It provides the unique ability to make several organizations co-existing reflecting the various businesses of a retailer (for example and organization based on regions for sales and DC for operations; sales and Supply product hierarchies…). The underlying model and features ensures then the use and communication of the right structure information depending on the business applications and users.

ibs Referential also offers advanced configuration levels to integrate specific additional information (dynamic characteristics) in order to let full autonomy to the retailer once turning into production.

The interface of ibs Referential, based on i3v7 Soft Solutions concept, integrates enhanced functionalities to facilitate the management of the information. Particularly, retailers can

  • define their own processes, chaining the screens in the required order to map their needs,
  • create fast key-in sessions to create a set of items manually
  • create mass modification sessions to manage changes on a set of items, suppliers…
  • plan impacting changes in the organization (MHE move, store creation, supplier code change) ahead and monitor them.


  • Multiple Organization and MHE Management
    Mapping any retailer organization with single / multiple organization and hierarchies management, by business or by zone.
  • Items management
    Handling the whole item management, with a wide set of typologies and dynamic statuses configuration.
  • Suppliers management
    Managing supplier and supplier groups with relations to supply chain and negotiation.
  • Additional information
    Specific information that can be included for marketing, promotions, offer management, space planning, operations, purchase.
  • Life cycle and configurations management
    Advanced configuration services to build the right business processes and reflect them into the solution (statuses and complete information life cycle).