ibs Multilanguage


Following the globalization trend, companies expand more and more. Even though the English language is the business language, there is a need for the employees to work in their own language for an easier manipulation, especially in the countries where the English language is not a formal language.

ibs Multilanguage is a Solution that allows the translation of all the valoores in'Retail applications into any language or to the same language but using the company business terms.

“Work in your language, fits to your business”

Some companies also have many branches in different countries and need to use simultaneously different languages on a shared Suite.


ibs Multilanguage permits to work in many languages simultaneously. It provides to each user a default language (which can be different from one to the others) and gives the possibility to change the language from the Suite home page.

The applications are not translated in a fixed amount of languages. If a language is not delivered with the Standard Suite and/or there are some words that need to be changed to fit the exact retailer's business, then an administrator without any technical business will be able to update the ibs Suite.

“The same data, the same screen, different languages”

ibs Multilanguage offers also some management tools such as advanced key search, backup the translations, or the possibility to export all the keys to be translated into Excel to do mass translation, and then re-import the translated keys into the application.


The ibs Multilanguage presents the main following feature

  • Translate by Exception
    Use ibs Multilanguage to translate a few words.
  • Mass Translations & Application Administration
    Use ibs Multilanguage to translate the entire Suite or a Solution in a new language. Manage the keys and duplicate an existing translation.

“Adapt the suite into your officialese”

ibs Multilanguage will permit an administrator or an authorized service to do and maintain the key translation in valoores in'Retail' Suite.