ibs KPI (Key Performance Indicator)


With today evolution of information and fast changing in the retail business in parallel to use of new media (web retailing, smartphone for promoting items and comparing retails…), the need to gather sensible information real time became a critical point of any executive strategy.

Indeed, short time ago, decisions could be taken according to partial and out of date figures: 1 week behind sales results, past month price position, last year market opportunity reports… Since the communication and reactions were not that fast, the strategy was right.

In today retail world, newcomers and competition pushed retailers to an excellence level in information understanding for decision-making.

“Who controls information, anticipates business evolutions”

Indeed, understanding better customers, estimate benefits of one or another pricing policy during the day, tensed flow optimization and live adjustments are some of the challenges that are facing both operational and executives today.

Make the best use of past information is the best way to keep the hand on business and finally get benefits from the gold mine of information stored for years.


In order to support retailers in building their strategies, valoores in'Retail has launched i3v7 ibs KPI, a central dashboard for information analysis and KPI exposal to executives.

Based on more than 25 years of expertise in retail solutions, the i3v7 ibs KPI is embedded in a native manner to the Suite and its well-known Master Data Management (MDM).

With such approach, data have turned into information, MDM into MIM - Master Information Management.

I3v7 ibs KPI, as part of the i3v7 Analytics Business Suite, provides all the solutions to achieve real time and tangible analysis of the market, performances, objectives achievement, operational optimization and other core points in the retail business.

With live and simplified access to information, the whole information for better decision-making is available for decision makers.

In addition to the solution and knowing that offering the right service does not make success alone, valoores in'Retail provides its expertise in retail business, built during more than 25 years of close partnership with various retailers and different businesses (purchase, operations, marketing, pricing…). It ensures defining the right KPI and push them to the users on time to ensure an optimal execution of business processes.


KPI dedicated dashboard
In order to answer the need to access information from multiple levels and multiple points of view, valoores in'Retail has developed a dedicated dashboard for KPI, providing much more flexibility than commonly used reports.

It combines graphical and tabular views with highlights on important information and drilling abilities. Dashboard is accessible at the homepage of the Suite or can be "transported" to any support.

KPI configurable access to information
Since each retailer is different and each situation requires the analysis of different KPI in a different manner, the i3v7 ibs KPI solution includes a configuration layer allowing building dedicated dashboards without the need of programming.

Moreover, specific KPI can be configured when implementing the solution, taking into consideration retailer's specific formulas.

KPI information warehouse
i3v7 ibs KPI is based on an information warehouse, dedicated and tuned to provide access to information real time and allow fast navigation between the different axes of analysis.
Depending on the implementation, valoores in'Retail proposes 2 different technologies.

  • SQL based approach with our own storage methodology based on HEXA coding of the information.
  • Columnar-based storage of information for fast implementation with high-level performances.

By combining ibs Analytics and ibs AMS, with the ibs KPI dashboard, retailers reach a higher level of understanding of information in a real time, on demand, on any kind of base or support.

“Staying wired to your business, decisions are taken on the fly and competitors stay one step behind.”