ibs Assortment


The current economic situation has opened the doors for new ways of retail shopping, which in turn forces retailers to alter their assortment strategies. The complexity resides in managing an exponential number of factors including the fluctuation of consumption trends as well as considering new retail channels such as internet and wireless.

Anticipate clients' expectations and put forward new offers in a growing competitive business environment to develop your market share.

In addition, the consumers' awareness of retail price levels, offers an alternative brand image, which inevitably pushes retailers to continually strive to optimize their advantage over competition and strengthen their position in the market.

“ Anticipate market evolution ”

ibs Assortment provides retailers with solutions to face current assortment challenges, such as:

  • Defining a coherent product offer to satisfy customer needs and follow their evolution.
  • Integrating retailer strategy and satisfying expected position among competitors (discounter, high quality image, private label extension, …).
  • Ensuring profitabile offers, integrating product opportunities and improving internal performance.


ibs Assortment improves the visibility, the coordination in the merchandise planning process and also the collaboration with trading partners. Based on our powerful MDM (Master Data Management) solution, ibs Assortment is fully integrated into ibs Suite, and offers original innovative solutions and services adapted to various retailers' businesses.

“The right product, in the right place, at the right time, with the right quantity and price”

ibs Assortment helps retailers strategize their assortment variety in response to competitor's differentiation (Based on competitor data), and customer loyalty. ibs Assortment ensures that the assortment reflects customers' needs and demands, market trends and company objectives.


  • Successful Assortment Strategy Building and Market Analysis
    Rely on a performance market analysis and retailer strategy analysis (both projected and current) in order to prepare business objectives in optimum conditions.
  • An efficient and User-friendly Assortment Planning
    Plan collections with product groups and clusters by taking into consideration key performance indicators.
  • Create and Review your optimal range
    Create and review an efficient and optimal assortment plan by making the best choices among the wide range of decision-oriented information with simulated scenarios.

  • Allocation and Communication to stores
    Simulate and define store assortment positioning by taking into account each store criteria (formats, location, strategy, competitive environment, …).

    Maximizing sales opportunities while minimizing out of stock risks, and maintaining margin levels: ibs Assortment is the key to gain, profitability and operational cost reduction.