Optimization of Suppliers Funding Negotiation & Contract Follow-Up


ibs Deals solution, fit on clients' organization and Business processes. It is used to automate actions and perform results, providing needed and accurate information. Several functionalities, respecting the negotiation process, are available for users to support and optimize their work, and to answer everyday constraints.

ibs Deals main processes and benefits are to:

Analyze suppliers performance
  • Information is easily reachable, each actor of the process can access the information by a user friendly interface
  • Suppliers purchases can be traced on daily basis
  • Information is powerful: the more you are prepared and armed with the necessary and information, the better you can improve the negotiation conditions in your company's interest.
Plan by supplier, simulate, negotiate
  • Setting and illustrating responsibilities, guaranteeing all deals are consolidated in a single integrated system.
  • Ability to control user rights through a secure system administrator
  • Standardizing all contracts
  • ibs Deals allows different levels of negotiations (Head office, DC, Business Units…)
  • ibs Deals can be viewed as read-only to prevent any modification of data
  • Automated tracking of attained slab, the system automatically detects and calculates precise amounts with relevant and scheduled invoicing documents.
  • Users can easily detect and prevent inconsistencies based for example on last year's achievements and planned results
  • Calculating item, category, brand, and supplier profitability based on Net, 2Net, 3Net…cost using various formulas.
  • Continuous visibility on amounts already billed to enable managing master balances.
Manage treasury
  • Invoices are easily scheduled and issued by Accounting.
  • System provides automated edits and controls to reduce the risk of mistakes.
  • No manual tracking of purchases needed to determine what bracket has been achieved.
  • Users can monitor late payments and net profit throughout the year (by supplier, deal, products group, product)

“complete management of the negotiation life cycle”


ibs Deals solution respects the Business Process throughout the cycle:


ibs Deals solution includes all concerned actors of the process according to their roles and profiles (managed with users rights). It allows a full control of the process at each level of the organization, as well as the involvement on time of each concerned trade.
Each department can have its own actions to be realized at several and different moments of the process and time limits. These actions are realized at different levels of the organization.

ibs Deals: example of actors of the negotiation process:

  • Purchasing Director: determines overall objectives
    • Defines the overall objectives like Turnovers, Margins, Market Shares…
  • Category Managers and Buyers: objectives achievement
    • Objectives declination per supplier
    • Negotiation preparation
    • Negotiation purchasing conditions
    • Negotiation follow-up and adjustments
  • Assistant: assists Category Managers and Buyers
    • Agenda management
    • Contracts keyboarding
    • Contracts keyboarding
    • Assisting with negotiation follow-up
  • Accounting department: manages the supplier account
    • Invoicing
    • Payments
    • Payments delays
    • Compensations
  • Financial department: controls and analyzes
    • Measuring gaps
    • Cause analysis
    • Correctives actions

“include all involved players of the negotiation process according to their roles and profiles”

ibs Deals solution, covering and automating the entire process of the negotiation life cycle and respecting each step of the business process, will provide to each actor the needed and reliable information to improve his performance, and allows the company to get the most out of vendors.
ibs Deals implementation provides an effective profitability increase, added to a quick Return On Investment.