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Kernel Execution Suite


Soft Solutions' Retail Execution Suite, fittingly called ibs Kernel, is indeed the core of the entire Soft Solutions' Suite. ibs Kernel is a comprehensive set of execution tools that enable the user to perform contextual actions based on the Soft Solutions Suite information.

  • Access to information at the right time, in a single place

    The single target the Retail Execution Suite (RES) has is to manage the data flow within the Retail Business Suite and vehicle the needed information from one point to another.

Retail Kernel Execution Suite Retail Kernel Execution Suite
  • Alert users in real time and Work in an Optimal Way

    The Retail Execution Suite provides users with alerts of events that occur in different applications to easily identify where an action is needed on their part.

  • Automate action and report generation

    The alerts, tasks management can be automated following the retailer's business process thanks to a scenario designer.

  • Control access depending on profiles and roles

    RES and the entire Retail Business Suite is controlled by the RES security solution to provide users the needed access.

  • Parameterize services

    The Retail Execution Suite provides the capability to customize Soft Solutions' Suite to best fit the retailer's business.

  • Follow-up actions

    RES tracks any performed actions throughout the Suite, which makes it easily auditable when and if needed.

  • Simplifies exchange with external Systems

    The Retail Execution Suite handles the integration flow to totally include the Soft Solutions' Suite with the legacy systems.

  • Work with information and screens in multiple languages on the same environment

    The RES can translate the whole Suite interface into many languages to offer a multi lingual platform simultaneously. Each screen can be displayed in any language, depending on the user preference.


  • ibs Dashboard

    Access to all the information and take the related actions from a single point using the ibs Dashboard. It is the single access point to the applications which provides favorites, KPI's, alerts, to-do lists, reports, RSS, and corporate news in one place.

  • ibs System

    Secure the Suite: ibs System manages users and applications security by providing accesses on the screens and on the displayed data. This tool also provides reports about the user and/or the application logs.

Retail Kernel Execution Suite Retail Kernel Execution Suite
  • ibs Workflow

    Automate and work by exception with ibs Workflow. This tool is used for automating daily activities including task coordination, scheduling follow-ups, application maintenance and user alerts based on events and performance metrics.

  • ibs Reporting

    Benefit from consolidated data from the entire Suite: ibs Reporting is used for creating and generating reports. It is a comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) tool that accesses soft solutions business model in order to generate reports in different formats that may be run manually or automated, and subsequently accessed from different places inside the applications.

  • ibs Integration

    Exchange information smoothly with ibs Integration. This tool is used for supporting the Integration of Soft Solutions Suite with existing client legacy applications.

  • ibs Multi-Language

    Work simultaneously in any language with ibs Multi-Language. The Suite language is fully configurable. It provides each screen in any language, and can be displayed simultaneously in many languages, depending on the user preference.

The Retail Execution Suite, or ibs Kernel, provides users with simple and user friendly solutions to:

  • Work in an optimal way and give a single access point to the Soft Solutions Suite
  • Manage the Soft Solutions Suite users and access rights
  • Automate the process
  • Consolidate and report the information
  • Communicate with external systems
  • Translate the Soft Solutions Suite into any language
Retail Kernel Execution Suite Retail Kernel Execution Suite

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