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In a highly competitive market, it is imperative for retailers to stay on-top of business processes in real-time. The global trend is to automate, optimize and secure companies' business processes, while giving retailers the opportunity to dedicate their efforts in executing unique business strategies to remain competitive in the global market. Hence, Soft Solutions' ibs Workflow does the thinking for you, by automating business processes (reports, emails, notifications, reminders, validation/approval processes, task management and communication within the business network, etc.), thus saving valuable administrative time.

ibs Workflow ibs Workflow

ibs Workflow provides an Administrator with a powerful business process designer, fully embedded within the Merchandising Business Suite, and can also include processes from your integrated legacy system.

ON YOUR Merchandising Business Suite”

Whenever a Suite is used and covers the entire retailer's business, it may contain many automation processes.
An Administrator should then monitor all the automations and the different treatments to check if they are defined correctly, and if the executions were triggered at the pre-defined time and with the expected results.

  • Configure any business process

Custom build planning scenarios using either Application, Time or external triggering mechanisms that enable the administrator to create the exact business process needed, using any one or number of business objects available on the screen.

  • Graphical solution

Automating a business process can be technical and complex. Thanks to ibs Workflow's fully graphical interface, no technical notions are required to build scenarios. All the technical procedures are handled by the application in the background.

  • Monitor the scenarios

Whenever many users access the ibs Workflow application, the Administrator can check the Workflow definition integrity or the execution performance. ibs Workflow provides the administrator with many BAM and Diagnosis tools to have all the processes under control from a single point.

  • Track the executions

Traceability of all modifications and additions is ensured through the diffusion of alerts, messages and queues. Precise logs in ibs Workflow chronicle actions and events.

  • ibs Workflow Takes the ibs System security configuration into consideration

Depending on the type of information, the diffusion of various messages is subordinate to the business' security procedures.


  • Follow the business from one application to the others, even to your legacy system

As ibs Workflow is fully based on Soft Solutions' business model common to all applications, it provides the functionality to create scenario merging events and actions from different applications. ibs Workflow manages communication flow mechanisms, not only across Soft Solutions' Merchandising Business Suite but also with other information systems within the business and - beyond that - with outside parties.

  • Benefits from the Suite synergy

ibs Workflow works in synergy with other modules of ibs Suite such as ibs Reporting to automatically publish reports, or with ibs Integration to automate the integration processes.


Thanks to Soft Solutions' ibs Workflow, the following operations are now possible:

Build the scenarios which describe the Business Process to be automated in the Suite.

ibs Workflow ibs Workflow

Choose to force executions and/or cancel others, and analyze configuration failures scenarios.
Set temporary recipients in case of absence: whenever an employee is absent for a period of time, the Administrator may redirect the absentee's alerts and to-do's at their workstation.

Check all the executions, their results and their performances.

ibs Workflow is a fully adaptable solution to help you build business processes and automate any process in the Suite. Its monitoring and diagnosis capabilities make this solution a useful and reliable tool.

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