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ibs Store enables users to effectively execute the entire sales management process.

As part of  ibs Central, same modules are accessible to the stores with additional specific needs:

  • Assortment
  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Space Planning
  • Labeling

Stores can use these modules for 3 main purposes:

  • Visualization of the sales activity decided by headquarters and impacting the stores
  • Ex: visualization of a national assortment or national promotional event
  • Modification of information prepared by the store and communication sent to headquarters according to the organizational structure
  • Ex: modification of the product of the assortment, modification of the date of the promotional event
  • Store creation
  • Ex: creation of a local assortment, creation of a local promotional event

ibs Store is able to handle the assortment management process to define the right product, at the right time, at the right price and quantity for the right place

  • Visualization and Modification

ibs Store will get an access to the assortment built in headquarters.

ibs Store will see the product list composing the assortment and all characteristics with:

  • Product and unit needs
  • Mandatory and non mandatory products
  • Visualization of the assortment of other store (for comparison purpose and performance analysis)

ibs Store can modify the assortment to adapt the content to its market specificities

  • With the ability to position on ranks
  • Add or remove products from the suggested list

  • Store Assortment


ibs Store enables users to create assortment at a local level with:

  • The definition of the assortment type
  • The definition of theobjectives for each assortment
  • The definition of the number of references needed by product hierarchy
  • The integration of competitorinformation (number of reference, average sales price, number of modules in the space management)
  • The building of the segmentation to structure the assortment
  • The definition of the product and unit need
  • The impact on sales, margin,volume

  • Example of dedicated Reports
  • Store assortment report
  • Sales report by assortment
  • Item go in / go out by assortment
  • Item number change

ibs Store is able to handle pricing management to achieve 3 main objectives:

  • Improve the market share
  • Develop and maintain the priceimage
  • Define the best price reaching the best compromise between the sales and margin
  • Visualization and Modification

The stores can receive the price defined at headquarters level.
According to the organizational structure, these price can be either determined as:

  • Free (the stores can change it)
  • Imposed with limit (the stores can change within these limits)
  • Imposed (the stores cannot change the price)

With the forecasting engine, they receive the volume generated according to the price and can analyze the impact on the sales and margin.


  • Store Pricing

ibs Store is able to work on its pricing the same way headquarters can.

  • Competitive shopping management:
    • Planning of the resources
    • Possibility to do it internally (with shoppers) or externally (with panelist)
    • Creation of validation rule to accept of reject the competitor data to automate the process
  • Creation of the pricing strategy:
    • Strategy can be built in function of the objectives (sales, margin, volume), competition, product hierarchy, pricing zone.
    • Strategy can be done in 2 ways: Standard or by optimization
  • Creation of simulations:
    • Analysis of the impact on volume, forecast, sales, margin with the new price, index evolution with the competitors
    • Modification of the price to study the impacts
    • Comparison of the client basket evolution with the new prices
  • Export of the price to ibs Referential
    • Export rules and conflict management (between regular and promotional prices)

  • Example of dedicated Reports
  • Competitor Management:
    • Competitor Price Follow Up (accepted or rejected)
  • Pricing strategy
    • Competitor Indexes before and after simulation
    • Impact simulation on different movement data (sales, margin, volume)
    • Consolidation report (product hierarchy, level of the organizational structure)

ibs Store is able to handle the promotional event management process with:

  • The organization of the promotional local activity
  • The centralization of all stakeholders
  • The execution of the promotional activity
  • The analysis of the promotional activity
  • Visualization and Modification

The stores can receive the promotional plan, promotional event, products and flyers building at the headquarter level.
According to the organizational structure, they can either decide to keep it or modify it: ex:

  • Modification of the date of the promotional event according to specific market
  • Modification of the products to adapt the content to the market
  • Modification of the price of the products to adapt to the pricing zone and related competitors

  • Store Promotional Event


ibs Store is able to work on local promotional events the same way as headquarters can.

  • Definition of the promotional plan to define the local promotional activity of the store
  • Definition of local promotional event with specific objectives and budget
  • Definition of products, cost and prices, marketing attributes, text management
  • Definition of the supporting media (flyer, radio.)

  • Example of dedicated Reports
  • Deadline Report
  • Flyer Allocation Report
  • Product and Flyer Content Performance Report


ibs Store is able to handle the space management process with 2 main objectives:

  • Manage the space allocation in function of the assortment objectives
  • Manage the product allocation on shelves to improve the visibility of the product and push the customer to buy
  • Visualization and Modification

ibs Store enables the visualization of:

  • Store Plan
    • Visualization of the suggested positioning of each component of the store plan
    • Possibility to modify the store plan for adaptation to the physical constraints of the store
  • Store Planogram
    • Visualization of the suggested store planogram
    • Possibility to modify the store planogram for adaptation to the store space constraints and local market

  • Store Space Management

Creation of the Store Plan:

  • Definition of the strategy
    • Analysis of store performance
    • Definition of the strategy and actions by product hierarchy
    • Definition of customer flow (to identify the positioning of each product hierarchy and adapt accordingly the store plan)
  • Execution of the store plan through a graphical tool
    • Definition of store frame
    • Definition of zone type (sales area, inventory area, administrative area configurable in ibs Referential)
    • Definition of fixed objects (dressing room, cashier, desks. configurable in ibs Referential according to the retailer need)
    • Definition and grouping of gondola elements and end caps and qualification of these elements according to:
      • The sales type: regular or promotional
      • The element type: standard gondola (ex: 5 shelves), podium, …
    • Access to library of store element
  • Link of the store plan elements to the store planogram


Creation of the Store Planogram

  • Definition of rules:
  • Merchandising rule: gondola dimension, horizontal and vertical hand space, space between shelves.
  • Product rule: number of facing, space between products, width and depth of facing.
  • Filling rule: filling the shelves from the left to the right, top down, bottom up according to KPI (high margin products at eye level) or product characteristics (ex: big volume at the bottom)
  • Execution of rule through a graphical tool
  • Planogram suggested by the system
  • Adaptation of the planogram to product specificities
  • Possibility to modify all the merchandising and product configuration
  • Addition or removal of products on shelves

  • Example of dedicated Reports
  • Store Plan
    • KPI (sales, margin, volume) per square meters
    • Promotional store plan element per period
  • Store Planogram
    • KPI (sales, margin, volume) per linear meters
    • Item go in / go ou

ibs Store executes the labeling management process with:

  • The requisition of price label
  • The sending of price label for printing

ibs Store creates different types of labeling according to needs (labeling templates can be defined in ibs Referential.


  • Requisition of price label

ibs Store enables users to generate the requisition of price label printing in 3 ways:

  • Manually by product entry in ibs Store
  • By scan
  • Automatically according to regular activity (Assortment, price changing after a competitor shopping list, etc) or on the spot activity (Promotion, new products, change on a price on a single product)

  • Sending of price label for printing

Depending on the number of prices to be changed, ibs Store enables users to:

  • Define priorities and batch of labels printing
  • Schedule the label changes

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