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ibs Store manages the entire Return process: from the return request to the agreement of the supplier or distribution center and, from the return preparation to the return shipment.

  • Return request creation

ibs Store manages the return request - to a supplier or a distribution center - from the requisition to the definitive return request.
The return request can be created based on previous receiving (where damaged goods have been identified) or can be considered as sales.

ibs Store manages all information needed for a return request such as:

  • The expected return date
  • The price of the product that are part of the return and used to bill the supplier or distribution center
  • The agreement process


The return request can be submitted to the supplier or a distribution center agreement (agreement can be defined as mandatory through parameters defined in ibs Referential).

ibs Store enables to manage the process of agreement of returned quantities with the definition of:

  • Initial quantities defined by the users for the return request
  • Authorized quantities once the supplier or distribution center has been informed of the return and accept and modify quantity to be returned
  • Adjusted quantities if the user wants to modify the quantities at the finalization of the return

ibs Store includes ease-of-use functionality to save time when creating a return

  • Item Keyboarding is a functionality that enables a fast manual return creation
  • ibs Store automatically handles the return requisition in function of product hierarchy and supplier (case of regular return used in specific business) that helps users avoid missing returns.

  • Return Preparation

Once the return is finalized, it is ready for preparation. ibs Store automatically updates the preparation portfolio. Users are able to enter in the business solution the quantity to be returned different from the ones defined during the return request.
At the end of this process, a preparation note is generated.

  • Return Shipment

After the shipment, real shipped quantity will update the system through the interface with a Warehouse Management System.

  • Return Follow Up

Users get the possibility to follow the progress of each created return based on:

  • The status of the return (the creation of the status in ibs Referential is dynamic to fit any business needs).
  • The communication tracking betweenthe distribution center and the supplier on the price and quantity agreement

ibs Store contains a lot of predefined reports to support the Return process:

  • Return Follow Up
  • Shipment Follow Up

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