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The allocation process aims at centralizing the needs of the stores to obtain optimal conditions and better prices when transmitting the allocation to the final supplier.
It also manages same-time delivery for all stores and to unify the offer in all stores simultaneously.

ibs Store enables users to receive the allocation file prepared by headquarters and determine the quantities needed according to the information defined within.


Upon finalizing the Allocation file, the store receives all the information defined by headquarters.

The communication is completely transparent, centralized, and reliable and enables a real-time access to the information.


Information such as products, quantities or delivery dates is visualized by the stores and can be adjusted according to the organizational structure of the retailer.


  • Items can be imposed or suggested by the headquarter
    • Some stores can consider that some products are not relevant considering their respective market
    • Users in ibs Store can exclude them by exception

  • Quantity can be imposed by headquarters or suggested
    • Headquarters can impose the quantity or impose a minimum or a maximum (according to the purchase condition, logistic cost, …)
      • The quantities can take into account the sales of the stores and their respective stock
    • Headquarters can suggest the quantity
      • Tolerance threshold may be defined to control the variation between suggested quantities by headquarters and modification done by the stores
      • The store will take into account the suggestion of headquarters and can adjust according to their needs inside the limit
    • Stores can define their quantities according to their need

  • Delivery dates may be imposed or suggested
    • Stores can choose the cycle that will fit their business

Other information related to ibs Assortment  (rank, mandatory items, assortment type, new products…) or ibs Promotions (promotional method used, media page allocation, marketing attributes characteristics, new products…) are communicated to the stores for a better idea of the quantity to be ordered in case of adjustment.

ibs Workflow services add value and efficiency for the retail business and strongly improves the communication between the different departments. Ex: Store employees receive an email to alert them of the allocation file or, to remind them of the final date when they should update the allocation file.

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