ibs SDK (Software Development Kit)

Where the Business User Becomes the Developer

MDM is the core application of the entire Merchandising Business Suite, where all the information is shared by every application. Our Software Development Kit tool, namely ibs SDK, offers our clients the capability to store, move, view and edit data outside of MDM, while maintaining the ability to interface with the data and business model. It takes advantage of the MDM Kernel tool (access rights, Multi-Language service,…), interacting with existing user interfaces; creating new interface elements and the power to merge non ibs Codes with ibs applications.

ibs SDK is now a marketable solution that provides business users with the ability to work without relying on technical support. Complemented by the complexity of the technical background, ibs SDK caters for the sudden business needs, without having to refer to the vendor. We have complemented the business interface with a gentle technical flavour, which enabled Soft Solutions to deliver what is called "the challenge among the solution providers" in our days.

ibs SDK comprises three basic modules that are highly delicate solutions of interaction between the business and technical worlds, thus offering our clients the ability to combine different supported entities into one business user who is more than active and technically efficient.

Soft Solutions ibs SDK comprises the following modules:

  • ibs Data Parking
  • ibs Liquid Framework
  • ibs Desktop Framework (Microsoft® Tools Interface)

ibs Data Parking, according to security levels, enables Tables and Fields to be managed using Data Parking or by sending Database Requests. ibs Data Parking helps by issuing basic Database commands such as:

  • Create Table
  • Drop Table
  • Truncate Table
  • Rename Table
  • ...

ibs Data Parking helps manage an active connection to non ibs Referential data bases, including databases created in parallel with MDM using the ibs Data Parking module.

The users may be provided access to extensive business rules that enable base validation in the user Interface and Integration layers, such as:

Field type:
  • Number
  • Time/Date

  • Field Behavior:

    • Add Item (managed a manual List i.e. Collection Monday, Tuesday…)
    • Numerical Check Box
    • Date Values (today, now, tomorrow, begin last month, this Quarter…)
    • Actions on change, blur and focus
    • Inserting JavaScript
    • Field, Dependencies and Rules
    • Field Validation
    • Must Exist in SQL
    • New and Unique in SQL.

      ibs Liquid Framework is an added value of ibs SDK that manages the Master Database that holds all sites, packages, changes, tests and deployment.  Moreover, it provides a method so that:


    • Changes are stored into Databases,
    • Approved and active changes are merged on runtime with existing code base,
    • Deployment is done immediately using Database moves.

      ibs Liquid Framework has different effective functionalities, such as:
      • Enrich existing reports and screens with Data Parking Elements
      • Inherit business rules from Data Parking into the User Interface
      • Place new elements anywhere on existing screens using screen and field relative place holders
      • Apply business rules directly into existing fields or Data Parking Fields
      • Apply validation rules and error handling into existing fields for Data Parking Fields
      • Simple Interaction between existing fields and Data Parking Fields
      • Develop using java scripts directly into any screen using common events (on load, on focus...)
      • Change Management using versioning and site identifications
      • Selective deployment and consolidation of changes between sites and versions
      • Compatible with future versions of ibs solutions
      • Advanced Menu Management (internal and external pages)
      • Non  ibs page linking into the ibs menu
      • Enable ibs login to validate non ibs page linking
      • Manage dependencies between sites and versions.

    ibs Desktop Framework is the new varied application of ibs SDK. It offers the communication with Microsoft interfaces by enabling the following opportunities:

    • Read ibs information directly from Microsoft Applications
    • Write information from Microsoft Applications into the ibs repository.


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