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ibs Referential provides the complete set of information dedicated to product management for the retail. It particularly manages all information to allow negotiation, costs and logistics simulation, marketing, management, offer building…

Depending on the retailer needs, suppliers and related information can be managed at the required level with specifics for variants and other kinds of items (unit need, furniture, accessories…)


ibs Referential support multiple items typologies. Depending on the retailer activity, different items typologies and specifics management are available.

Basically ibs Referential provides the below typologies:

  • Standard items
    • Selling by unit
    • Selling by weight
    • Gift cards
  • Apparel
    • Models, colors and sizes management
    • Creation and mass management by reference
    • Multi-SKU palettization plan
  • Culture
    • Specific information (collection, PG rating…)
    • Printed retail price
    • Editor supplier type
  • Services
    • Warrantees
    • Deliveries
    • Subscriptions
  • Transformed items
    • Ingredients
    • Labor costs
    • Internal Supplier
  • Cut items
    • One purchase unit cut for sale
    • Loss in cut management
  • Purchase kit
    • Purchase-able item
    • Non sellable item
    • Promotional end caps, display items…
  • Selling kit
    • Purchase-able and non purchase-able item
    • Sellable item
    • Content items sellable or non sellable
ibs Referential - items management ibs Referential - items management


ibs Referential provides a dedicated card for item management. It allows an access by business area (Sales, Purchase, Marketing, and Logistics) depending on user access rights. The information can be retrieved and organized

The information cover all the common needs for the retail, with for example:

  • Main attribute (description…)
  • Brands
  • Multi-supplier management with a main supplier definition
  • Specific area for purchase, sales, logistics, legal, ordering and billing
  • Multiple units of measure with automated conversion feature
  • Multiple identifiers from any kind that can be different by entity

The information above is then enriched depending on the covered businesses as described in the additional information section.

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