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ibs Central enables users to manage the full Receiving process from general receiving to detailed receiving, product by product. Receiving can be done manually or automatically by the users. ibs Central can adapt to any external system and is able to integrate data from the different external partners.


ibs Centralprovides a receiving planning and portfolio features.

The Receiving planning feature is automatically updated:

  • Each time an order is created (from a distribution center to a supplier or to another distribution center)
  • Each time a distribution centeraccepts a return request (from a store)


Teams involved in the Receiving process get a global view of the expected arrival of supplier's orders or returns done by the stores. Arrivals cannot be missed and receiving tasks are optimized.

All information such as status, expected date, expected products or receiving date is directly updated for a better reactivity of the team involved.


ibs Central enables users to manage the general receiving process.
Once goods arrive, users can accept the receiving, refuse it or apply quarantine to the whole receiving. This process can be also done automatically with the integration of the receiving from external systems.


During this process, all documentation such as delivery slip, carrier slip, invoice, are gathered (entered by the users or integrated from external system).

General information such as the seal number, the number of pallets and packs received, total weight, total volume are defined.

At the end of this process, the users get a receiving slip when the general receiving is validated. The receiving is linked to the order, delivery slip and other documentation for optimal tracking.


ibs Central enables users to manage the detailed receiving process.
Each Component of the receiving (products, deposits, delivery supports) is identified, counted and qualified.

Users can visualize information of the order which can be helpful in the receiving (ex: ordered quantities, purchase unit, etc).

Users can define for each accepted receiving different information such as:

  • Received quantities,
  • Refused quantities,
  • Quarantined quantities,
  • Damaged quantities,
  • Additional products (products not ordered but accepted by the user during the receiving), and
  • Remaining on product and remaining on order.


ibs Central offers capabilities to gain time during the receiving process:

  • Quantities ordered can be applied directly to the receiving quantities
  • Receiving by pallet with the scan of each item can be done

During validation, the final step in receiving, the stock is updated automatically with information from the receiving and the order (price, quantity, receiving note, etc). This receiving is linked to “Invoice Matching”.


ibs Central contains a lot of predefined reports to support the receiving process such as:

  • Planned Receiving,
  • Late Deliveries,
  • Delivery Quality,
  • Receiving matched and matched with Invoices, and
  • Supplier Scoring.

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