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ibs Central manages the entire invoice control process (this process occurs after receiving and order from a supplier or the return from a store).

ibs Central manages the invoicing process (this process is applied in case of a shipment done by the distribution center following a store order or a return to a supplier).

  • Invoice Matching

ibs Central enables users to enter in the system the received invoices or the credit note.

With ibs Central, the invoice matching can be done manually or by integration from another system.

Dedicated users or external systems are able to reconcile the invoice with the order number (from the suppliers) or return number (from the stores) and the receiving note.

ibs Central ibs Central

ibs Central automatically generates the valuation of the receiving. Based on this, correction may be done during the Invoice Control process.


ibs Central offers the opportunity to pre-validate the invoice control according to predefined rules to accept a tolerance between the invoice and what has been really received and the price agreed during the ordering process.
The application of the tolerance threshold is completely configurable according to the products, suppliers, and the amount generated. It helps the user gain time and to work by exception.

Once the invoice control is done:

  • Stocks are updated automatically (with correction on quantities or price); and
  • The payment authorization is launched.

  • Automatic Credit and Invoice Generation

ibs Central enables the automatic calculation of gaps (in quantity or in value) based on the invoice and the information of the business solution.

If there is a difference between the invoice and what has been received (a discrepancy with quantity) or a discrepancy with the price agreed during the ordering process, a credit request or invoice request is automatically generated and sent to the supplier.


ibs Central automates the invoice control process to save time on administrative tasks and prevents errors that may appear after a manual entry.

  • Invoice / Credit / Payment Follow Up

ibs Central allows users to follow-up payments, invoices, account balances and credit account balances.

Invoice Control / IBS Reporting Support
ibs Central contains a lot of predefined reports to support the Invoice Control process such as:

  • Discrepancy with Invoices (Receiving does not match quatities ordered or prices agreed upon prior to the order).
  • Gap Analysis
  • Payment Follow Up

  • Delivery Note Integration

ibs Central is able to automatically integrate the delivery notes from external systems (ex: from the Warehouse System Management) in case of shipment after:
  • Orders done by the stores
  • Return sent by the distribution center to the supplier
ibs Central ibs Central

ibs Central helps to centralize the documents to be invoiced and avoid to miss any shipment to be billed.

After the delivery note creation, the stock movement and valuation are updated automatically.

  • Invoice Creation

ibs Central is helpful on invoice creation and credit creation from the requisition to the definitive invoice.


ibs Central is able to create automatic invoice and credit. It results in time gains and eliminates human error.

ibs Central defines payment conditions: type, period, payment method, currency.
Invoice and credit can be generated for any types of charges to be billed:

  • Merchandise
  • Logistic cost
  • Delivery support.

The users can generate invoices and credit notes directly from the business solution, and send it by different transmission modes (EDI, Fax, XML, etc).

  • Invoice Follow Up

Users can access invoices through a portfolio that is updated in real-time (status, payment, etc). It allows a better follow up of the activity of the invoicing and of the client debt.


ibs Central contains a lot of predefined reports to support the Invoice Control process such as:

  • Delivery Quality of the Distribution
  • Items Follow Up
  • Payment Follow Up

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