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ibs Central enables users to handle the entire allocation process between headquarters and related stores belonging to the retail group.

This process aims at centralizing the needs of the stores to operate under better conditions and better prices when transmitting the allocation to the final supplier.
It also manages and enusures delivery at the same time for all stores and to unify the offer in all stores simultaneously.


ibs Central organizes the full allocation process starting with the creation of the Allocation file.

Creation of the Allocation File

The Allocation process may be done after the creation of an assortment file or a promotional event, but also independently for new products or any other business needs.

ibs Central ibs Central


As part of creating an assortment file or building a promotional event, ibs Central will allow the user to gain time by automatically creating the file for allocation.

The information will be already predefined in the business solution, so that the users in ibs Central can work in an optimal way.

  • Participating stores are automatically selected (from the assortment file or the promotional event)
  • Products are automatically inherited
    • The users can add or exclude them by exception
    • The users can define different cycles to adapt to the product lead-time (ex: non food can be submitted to an allocation a long time before the food product)
  • Suggested Quantity is defined by the system
    • Quantities can be defined according to the sales of the stores, their stock or according to their request
    • The users can accept or modify suggested data and remain the unique decision-maker
  • Channel and flow are chosen
    • Solution is able to take into account the different logistic channel organization

The creation of an assortment file or a promotional event is not a mandatory step in the business solution to create an allocation file. ibs Central is flexible and enables the manual creation of the allocation (in case of new products or any other business needs).

Creation of Purchase Budget and Consolidation

ibs Central enables users to create a Purchase Budget for allocation. Once products, quantities and prices are defined, it is possible to consolidate the total amount of the products submitted to the allocation and compare it with the Purchase Budget.

When consolidation and comparison is done, users can fine-tune the allocation file (example: add or remove products, adjust quantities) in function of the Purchase Budget.


ibs Central enables users to manage the information from headquarters to the stores at the finalization of the allocation file.


The communication is totally transparent, reliable and enables real-time access to the information.

Information such as products, quantities, delivery dates are visualized by the stores and can be adjusted according to the organizational structure of the retailer.

ibs Central ibs Central


  • Items can be suggested or imposed (some stores can consider that some products are not relevant considering their respective market);
  • Quantity can be suggested or imposed by headquarters:
    • Tolerance threshold may be configured to define variation between suggested quantities by headquarters and modifications done by the stores.
    • Headquarters can define minimum or maximum quantities; and
  • Delivery dates may be suggested or imposed.

Other information related to ibs Assortment (rank, mandatory items, assortment type, new products…) or ibs Promotions (promotional method used, media page allocation, marketing attributes characteristics, new products…) are communicated for a better idea of the quantity to be ordered in case of adjustment.

ibs Workflow can be particularly efficient in this kind of business and enables the company to strongly improve the communication between the different departments. For Eexample, an email can be sent to the store employees at the creation of the allocation file or to remind the date when the stores should update the allocation file.


Allocation Validation

When the stores have defined the quantities for each item defined in the allocation file, the users in ibs Central consolidate, control and optimize the quantities.
Optimization can be done automatically according to the purchase condition given by the supplier, the logistics condition or margin and sales condition.


At the validation of the allocation file, ibs Central can create the order automatically or users can create the file manually.

Allocation Modification and Optimization

The process of Allocation involves many back and forth correspondences between headquarters and stores even after the allocation validation. ibs Central gives users the ability to modify the allocation file ever after validation.
ibs Central manages a validation cycle between the different players and sends updated information to the store at the final validation.

ibs Central optimizes the quantities defined by the store during allocation according to:

  • Products
  • Supplier and logistics channel
  • Time and frequency of the delivery
  • Purchase order quantities
  • Purchase conditions
  • Logistics cost

Allocation Follow Up

An Allocation Portfolio provides critical insight of the entire business scope surrounding the allocation activity.

  • Visualization of the quantities defined by the store; and
  • Management by status and visualization of the allocation completion (allocation status is updated in real time and provides a single version of the truth to headquarters and to the stores).

Dedicated reports can be generated to check for example the percentage of achievement of each created allocation or inform users of the items and quantities defined for each allocation.

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