Galeries Lafayette / BHV


2005 – ibs Deals V5 implementation

Working towards its quest of performance, Groupe Galeries Lafayette started their partnership with Soft Solutions in 2005, to improve their suppliers' negotiations management process by replacing their 'WTS' system.

Implementing ibs Deals enables Galeries Lafayette to gain in-depth control over commercial information and automate the execution.

Based on the effective results shown by the negotiation and accounting departments within Galeries Lafayette, they decided to go forth and implement these best practices across several banners and purchasing departments.

2009 – ibs Deals V6 implementation

In 2009, Soft Solutions and Galeries Lafayette started to study how to involve the subsidiary, BHV in the project and provide them with the benefits of the organization and solution. The business tasks were also extended to all key players in the organization which involved the negotiation process such as, buyers and senior buyers to allow them to focus on real value tasks.



Galeries Lafayette Group searched for a unique solution:

  • Unifying data and processes for both Galeries Lafayette and BHV banners
  • Managing negotiations on millions of items
  • Automating suppliers negotiations based on purchases, sales and stocks
  • Automating invoicing and recovering processes
  • Enlarging negotiation conditions' scope
  • Adapted to new and specific business rules and processes.
Soft Solutions - Galeries Lafayette Soft Solutions - Galeries Lafayette

Functionalities were added and modified to Soft Solutions' ibs Suite V5 (showing our ability to customize our solutions for the benefit of our clients), to be adapted to new business needs according to supplier purchasing and negotiation related data and financial execution:

  • Margin and provisions calculation at item level
  • New negotiations types
  • Invoicing at legal entity level
  • Automatic transfer of all accounting documents to the supplier web portal
  • Dispatch of funding to stores according to item purchases or sales

ibs Deals manages:

  • Over 7, 700 active suppliers
  • Over 6, 000, 000 active items
  • 18 warehouses and return platforms
  • 300 users
  • Over 3, 000 invoices/month
  • 3 types of contracts:
    • Fixed term
    • Permanent
    • Rationales
  • 10 different negotiation types
    • Rebates and co-operations
    • Fall in price contributions
  • Conditions' valorization based on
    • Supplier purchases and returns
    • Stocks and logistic movements
    • Store sales.
  • Impact of supplier's characteristics on contracts, negotiation options, condition valorization
  • Invoices, deductions, debit notes,credit notes, disputation letters, reminder letters,…

Delivered Scope:

  • Item management
    • Management of item variants (parent/children)
    • Negotiation options based on item characteristics (year, seasonality, line)
  • Negotiation of supplier funding
    • Manage conditions at product group or product levels
    • Manage conditions related to commercial events inherited from Galeries Lafayette's systems or created in ibs Consumer
    • Negotiated conditions valorization based on real and forecasted TO, calculated daily at different business units levels
    • Standardize and automate work methods
  • Reporting for negotiation
    • Activity analysis by buyer, product group, supplier
    • Performance analysis of negotiations
  • Contract and amendment management
    • Automate contracts and amendments based on templates and conditions captured
    • Manage approval cycle for statuses and negotiation process
  • Invoicing and payment follow-up
    • Automatic supplier billing or deductions
    • Automatic generation of debit notes and cancellation accounting documents
    • Calculate and reconcile projections against invoices and payment
    • Automatic follow-up and alerts on payments and credit notes (automatic generation of disputation and reminder letters)
    • Automatic dispatch of payments to negotiation sites based on real TO
    • Automatic generation of all accounting documents on Galeries Lafayette's supplier web portal
    • Balance management of negotiated conditions and contracts
    • Invoicing and payments reporting

Thanks to ibs Deals' unique solution to manage suppliers' negotiation, Galeries Lafayette and BHV adjusted processes and contracts to be in line with all related legal dispositions.

Today, the complete negotiation perimeter surrounding Galeries Lafayette/BHV group has been delivered, covering both entities; all purchase centers, warehouses, stores and promotional events management.

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