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At Soft Solutions, our business entities converge to provide technology that guides our customer's vision, strategy and progress.

Every company faces challenges at one point or another. Even strong interconnected businesses find it difficult to determine heads or tails of complex information.


Explore Soft Solutions' to learn how we use our global resources, ingenuity and expertise to meet today's complex global challenges.


As a result of our core competencies, we develop unique solutions that help improve the quality of business management for clients around the world.

Our Research & Development departments work diligently to develop profit-enhancing software solutions for clients. Furthermore, accompanying them in their strategic moves beyond the solutions deployment.


Key points of contact with our clients, the project team has the responsibility of guaranteeing an optimum relationship with stakeholders on client's site as well as with our R&D department. Most of the time, it's not the collection of data that companies struggle with, since there is plenty of data available, but converting the data into information and understanding it...


We work with our clients to understand the origin of problems and find out collectively the best solution to address them. Unlike our competitors, we do not offer “out-of-the-box” solutions.


Successful Project management leads to deliveries of major projects with retailers worldwide.


Strategic market planning and research to know the needs of targets markets with the aim to build strong customer relationships and create value for our customers and ourselves. We identify, satisfy, accompany and keep the customer for long lasting partnership.


Delivering exceptional products and services to clients starts with hiring effectively motivating and exceptionally talented people.

HR dedicates their efforts to attract, motivate and retain qualified employees and match them to job opportunities. Soft Solutions is a company proudly built on diversity, a team with a wide range of experiences and educations. We continue to strive for excellence by re-enforcing the value of continual training and development.

As a whole, HR oversees the administration, training/development and management of personnel, delegating resources to two well established departments, Recruitment and BMD.

dedicated to finding talented individuals to enhance our diverse team on individuals
STI (Soft Training Institute) dedicated to the individual
BMD (Building-Maintaining-Deliveries):
Building Individuals, Spirit, Career Foundation, Education, Work Methodologies, Interpersonal Skills
Maintaining Knowledge, Teams, Work Ethics, Communication Skills

Delivering High Quality Performance, High Quality Products, all based on High Quality Standards.

Our Human Resources team is fully invested in career development supported by our BMD team. And, with our "open-door" policy, the Human Resources department provides support for opinions, ideas and job performance.

Project Manager - Technical Integration

As technical project manager, you will participate with Soft Solutions to the major international leaders of retail business projects and fulfill the various functions.

  • Responsible of Soft Solutions' integration techniques at the client's site in collaboration with our partners.
  • Preparation of the project schedule in collaboration with the project managers.
  • Resources follow-up.
  • Definition of the technical architecture and the flow of data exchange with the client and our technical teams.
  • Draw up of the conception.
  • Follow-up of the realization and the implementation of the product.
  • Master degree in Information Technology, Computer science or Computer Engineering.
  • A minimum 5 years equivalent experience as project manager or a proved experience in project management.
  • Experienced with Linux/Unix, Oracle, BEA Weblogic and IBM Websphere environments.
  • Good knowledge with J2EE architecture and seniority in SQL and PL/SQL.
  • Methodical and independent.
  • Possessing animation and communication skills.
  • Appreciating team work and willing to take initiatives.
  • Fluent in English.
Occasional national or overseas travels are to be anticipated. APPLY
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